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Services – Design

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Designing cast and welded steel structures in accordance with Eurocode 3 and Germanischer Lloyd for you and your project taking into account your requirements is one of the design services I have to offer. Additionally, I prepare all necessary manufacturing and assembly drawings as well as bills of material.

In this context I believe that a structured and analytical approach is essential for the creation of an excellent product.  Therefore, my first step at the beginning of a new development or design assignment is to collect all relevant requirements from adjacent or involved work areas in the form of a requirement specification. Doing so provides a clear basis for my subsequent work and is a good documentation of the agreed requirements of all parties involved.
When faced with more complex development tasks I employ instruments of methodological design such as functional analysis or the morphological box. I will design your parts and assemblies in a reasonable and anticipatory way using 3D modelling while taking feasibility, corrosion prevention and the need with regards to assembly, maintenance and operation into account.

Regular use of analytical as well as FEM calculations (static and dynamic) gave me a very good understanding of loads occurring at a component which allows me to draw the appropriate conclusions and formulate an adequate, load optimised solution.